With delicious water and commitment raw materials

It is "resilient texture" that decides the taste of konjac.
Raw materials and water support this.

In the production of konjac, the water multiplication factor (*) for raw materials is very high, 30 times to 60 times,
The quality of the water used and the viscosity of the raw material greatly affect the product.

Konjac's raw materials are delicate foods, which hate moisture and are susceptible to disease.
For the production of high quality and high viscosity Konjac's raw materials, sunny and wide slopes and well-drained soil are indispensable.

We have been making good and delicious konjac in Shimonita with delicious water and raw materials from Gunma Prefecture that are most suitable for the production of Konjack.

Thoughts for making konjac

We deliver tradition and unique texture using carefully selected raw materials from Gunma Prefecture and fresh water from Nogami River.

  1. 板こんにゃく黒 500g 板こんにゃく黒 500g
  2. 生詰めこんにゃく黒 250g 生詰めこんにゃく黒 250g
  3. 生詰めこんにゃく黒 270g 生詰めこんにゃく黒 270g
  4. 糸こんにゃく 200g 糸こんにゃく 200g
  5. 串おでん 6本入 串おでん 6本入
  6. 板こんにゃく黒 1kg 板こんにゃく黒 1kg
  7. 生芋板こんにゃく 500g 生芋板こんにゃく 500g
  8. 生芋板こんにゃく 250g 生芋板こんにゃく 250g
  9. 一口玉こんにゃく黒 400g 一口玉こんにゃく黒 400g
  10. 一口玉こんにゃく白 400g 一口玉こんにゃく白 400g
  11. お徳用しらたき 300g お徳用しらたき 300g
  12. しらたき 180g しらたき 180g
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